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It’s Time For The Adults To Take Charge — 100 Corporations Responsible For 71% Of Carbon Emissions

Volkswagen factory

October 14th, 2018 by Steve Hanley 

The sixth IPCC Local weather Evaluation Report makes it crystal clear: Human society is dealing with a life or demise. The solely strategy to save ourselves is to drastically, dramatically, and intentionally scale back the quantity of carbon dioxide within the environment. There are two methods to try this — put much less carbon dioxide in and/or take carbon dioxide out. These are the alternatives. Cope with it like adults or endure the results. Finish of story. Full cease.

Monkeying Round With Actuality

Volkswagen factory

In 2015, Volkswagen, Daimler, and BMW commissioned a research to find out what well being results, if any, resulted to people and monkeys from respiration diesel exhaust. As a part of that alleged analysis, a Java monkey was locked in a glass cage whereas diesel exhaust was pumped in. As we speak, each individual on Earth is like that monkey. We’re little greater than lab rats in a grand experiment designed to see how a lot carbon dioxide it can take earlier than the Earth’s potential to help human life is extinguished.

What the VW experiment proved past any affordable doubt is that the captains of business will do something — lie, cheat, steal, or bribe — to be able to save themselves and the businesses they management from financial hardship. Relating to management, they don’t seem to be the adults within the room. They’re the infants with full diapers squalling for his or her moms to return minister to their each wants. To advance their agenda, they’ve purchased and paid for a lot of the nationwide leaders and legislators around the globe.

Right here’s What We Ought to Be Doing

Vox this week revealed a narrative with this title — “What Genuine, No Bullshit Ambition On Climate Change Would Look Like.” The record is lengthy and detailed, with frequent reference to the ebook Drawdown which we reviewed right here final yr. Most of us are accustomed to the fundamentals.

Transition to 100% renewable power, dramatically improve the power effectivity of buildings, cease utilizing fossil fuels within the transportation sector (together with airplanes), electrify the whole lot, cease consuming meat, cease chopping down timber, and empower ladies. Truly, that final one is just not excessive on most individuals’s listing, nevertheless it ought to be, as we’ll see quickly.

Right here’s What We Are Doing

The wrestle goes to be lengthy and troublesome. Final week, Andrew Wheeler, the appearing head of the Environmental Destruction Company, informed NPR that local weather change was nothing to fret about. When wanted, individuals will merely begin eradicating carbon dioxide from the air and every thing might be advantageous. Royal Dutch Shell has an identical plan. It intends to grossly overshoot the Earth’s carbon finances now so we will follow carbon removing methods later — assuming they exist when wanted.

Shell climate change strategy

Shell’s plan is to burn each drop of oil and fuel in its confirmed reserves after which do one thing about carbon dioxide. Which results in this query: Why are the leaders of Shell and all their colleagues within the fossil gasoline business not on trial for crimes towards humanity proper now, this very minute? Their plan is to poison the world with the air pollution their enterprise creates to the purpose the place hundreds of thousands of individuals begin dying, and they’re okay with that? These are the so-called adults within the room?

100 Corporations Responsible For 71% Of Carbon Emissions

The Carbon Majors Report, ready by CDP and the Local weather Accountability Institute in July 2017, finds that simply 25 firms are chargeable for one half of all carbon emissions since 1988. ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, and Chevron lead the record. 71% of all such emissions could be traced to the actions of simply 100 firms. The report warns if fossil fuels proceed to be extracted on the similar fee over the subsequent 28 years as they have been between 1988 and 2017, international common temperatures might be anticipated to rise by four° C by the top of the century. That, people, is so much. It’s sufficient to kill numerous dwelling issues, together with most people.

Mary Annaise Heglar, writing in Vox, tells us we don’t have to really feel that we’re chargeable for local weather change as a result of we use plastic luggage, don’t develop our personal meals, or left the lights on when away from house. Her phrases are passionate and price quoting right here.

“Whether or not we admit it or not, we’re all in the midst of one huge, big mourning course of. We’re mourning our futures. We’re mourning the youngsters we’re afraid to have. Our bucket lists. Our journey plans. A few of us are mourning houses already misplaced to fires or flood, or financial savings accounts worn out serving to relations get well from hurricanes. A few of us are mourning our todays, even our yesterdays.

“Denial is a part of the normal mourning course of, however we have now collectively spent means too lengthy there. It’s time to snap out of it. Given the sheer enormity of local weather change, it’s okay to be depressed, to grieve. However please, don’t keep there too lengthy. Be a part of me in pure, unadulterated, righteous anger.

“The dominant narrative round local weather change tells us that it’s our fault. We left the lights on too lengthy, didn’t shut the fridge door, and didn’t recycle our paper. I’m right here to inform you that’s bullshit. If the sunshine change was related to wash power, who the hell cares for those who left it on? The drawback is just not consumption — it’s the availability. And your scrap paper didn’t hasten the top of the world. Don’t give in to that disgrace. It’s not yours. The oil and fuel business is gaslighting you.

“That same IPCC report revealed that a mere 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of global climate emissions. These people are locking you and everything you love into a tomb. You have every right to be pissed all the way off. And we have to make them hear about it.”

BECCS Will Save Us

The Andrew Wheeler/Shell technique principally comes right down to this — BECCS. That stands for “bio-energy” coupled with “carbon capture and sequestration.” Crops take in carbon dioxide once they develop, then launch it when burned. Simply seize that carbon dioxide and sequester it someplace underground. Voila! Drawback solved.

BECCS diagram

Sure, Virginia, that’s the sport plan for holding the Earth’s setting from collapsing. There’s just one drawback with the BECCS strategy, says Vox.

“There is currently no commercial BECCS industry. Neither the BE nor the CCS part has been demonstrated at any serious scale, much less at the scale necessary. (The land area needed to grow all that biomass for BECCS in these models is estimated to be around one to three times the size of India.) Maybe we could pull off a massive BECCS industry quickly. But banking on negative emissions later in the century is, at the very least, an enormous, fateful gamble. It bets the lives and welfare of millions of future people on an industry that, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t yet exist.”

In different phrases, BECCS is BS.

Empowering Ladies Via Schooling

Along with the standard suspects — extra renewables, fewer automobiles with inner combustion engines, extra excessive effectivity buildings, transitioning to a vegetable based mostly food regimen — Vox additionally cites with approval an concept included in Drawdown that’s seldom mentioned — the schooling and empowerment of girls. Why? Educating ladies leads to decrease fertility charges. Fewer individuals means fewer emissions.

Along with withdrawing from the Paris local weather accords and embracing the coal business in a bear hug, the Trump maladministration has additionally reinstated the worldwide gag rule that forbids any funds provided from US sources going to any packages anyplace on the planet that promote household planning. The beautiful stupidity of that rule is one other instance of how the anti-abortion crazies have contaminated the political debate with a virus that’s opposite to widespread sense. As Barney Frank as soon as noticed, “Conservatives believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth.”

No Time Like The Current

Nissan LEAF

The IPCC 6 report is obvious. We should decide to dramatic way of life modifications instantly. Meaning not shopping for automobiles with inner combustion engines beginning now. It means closing coal-fired producing stations and eliminating fracking now. It means stopping the slicing down of forests now. The odds of these issues occurring are lower than slim.

The strategy to local weather change up to now has been someplace between a yawn and a ho hum from most individuals. Sure, we all know extra highly effective storms are occurring extra typically and that South Miami is experiencing flooding at excessive tide regularly, however does that imply we will’t purchase that new Tremendous Duper Obligation pickup with leather-based, 17 cup holders, and a sunroof? C’mon, issues aren’t that dangerous, are they?

Sure, truly, they’re. Actually, they’re much worse than most of us understand.

It’s All About Energy

We owe our excessive lifestyle to fossil fuels and inner combustion engines. They energy the machines we rely on to construct our buildings, journey to distant places, develop our meals, and luxuriate in the advantages of a digital financial system. They’re additionally slowly killing us. Within the film Apollo 13, a roomful of engineers are loudly debating the right way to get a crippled spacecraft and its crew safely again to Earth when certainly one of them factors out, “It’s all about power. We need to shut everything down — now.”

The world faces an identical dilemma. It’s not that we now have to return to picks and shovels. Our financial system needn’t endure a meltdown. We simply have to vary how we get the facility we’d like. Each engine in use in the present day might be changed with a much more environment friendly electrical motor. Each coal, pure fuel, and nuclear energy plant might be changed by renewable power. It’s the desire to take action that’s missing.

And it’s not like doing so will crash the worldwide financial system. A report in April 2018 from the Worldwide Renewable Power Company entitled “Global Energy Transformation: A Roadmap to 2050” claims switching to a low-carbon financial system will truly produce a rise in international GDP in comparison with immediately.

IRENA global GDP chart

The Politics Of Energy

There’s one other sort of energy in play right here — political energy. To hold the world from turning into an overheated cinder would require daring management — one thing that People aren’t getting. The Trump maladministration has failed to reply in any significant option to the IPCC 6 report. Even the Head Buffoon hasn’t bothered to tweet about it. Its technique is to easily ignore the entire thing. Final yr, Trump ordered the federal government to cease designing federal buildings to face up to main flooding. Inform that to the individuals within the Carolinas or Houston, or the Florida Panhandle.

If the world is to outlive, the electrical automotive disruption and the autonomous driving disruption and the renewable power disruption gained’t be sufficient. The most crucial disruption of all would be the one which breaks the stranglehold fossil gasoline corporations have on politics.

How can we do this? Easy. Don’t vote for people who find themselves beholden to the fossil gasoline crowd for his or her political careers. That would come with nearly each Republican member of Congress at this time. Ever marvel why all of them appear to sing from the identical track guide? It’s as a result of they know they need to toe the celebration line set forth by their masters from the fossil gasoline business, notably Koch Industries, or face dropping their seat.

Political energy is addictive. As soon as elected, individuals will do nearly something — together with risking the lives of their constituents — to remain in workplace. As Jimmy Buffett tells us, “Power is a dangerous drug. It can maim; it can kill.” Boy, howdy.

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