9 things that every pet owner should train their pet:

If you have been trying to convince your pet to play fetch, come when called, or get it together enough to take a walk with you, it’s time for some training. Training your pet is a great way of forging a deeper and more meaningful relationship with them. With those new skills in hand and your bond more solid, you can begin strengthening your bond with them every day! Here are 9 things that every pet owner should train their pet:

1. Play fetch

First things first, you need to teach them how to play fetch. Not all pets enjoy doing this, but most can see the joy in it and will become more than happy participants. They just need to know that where you are headed with this game is a toss of their favorite toy and not a trip to the vet!

2. Come When Called

Make sure your pet knows how to come when they hear their name! If they run off out the door whenever they feel like it, it’s time for some training. Choose a word that only they will respond to (different than their name). Then have them sit and call them. When they come, reward them with a treat. Do this every day until they respond consistently and will come when called whenever you need them to.

3. Make Them Stay

This is an important one! As seen at puparazzila.com, Make sure your pet has learned how to stay at home if you leave it alone during the day. If you have to go out, make sure they are not jumping into bed with you or following you around the house trying to get your attention when you are gone for the whole day or night.

4. Accept the Leash

This is a special skill that pet owners should train into their dogs. They must learn to accept the leash when it is put on them to take them for a walk or it will end in frustration for both of you. Let them wear the leash around the house for a few days and make sure they understand that it is something good. Then, when you are ready, begin taking them for walks! Make sure you have ample exercise time every day so that they don’t feel like going out is too much work.

5. Get Along with Your Family

Your pet needs to learn how to get along with the other humans and animals in your home. They need to understand that their food bowl is not for sharing, that people are not chew toys, and even though you love them, you do not want them sleeping in your bed every night! To teach these lessons, use positive reinforcement like treats so they are more likely to take the training seriously. Also, make sure to have everyone in your family participate in training so they can all work together while they are learning.

6. Break the Chewing Habit

Some pets find it impossible to stop chewing on anything and everything around the house. Make sure your pet knows the difference between what is his and what is not so he won’t chew on your favorite shoes, your furniture, and anything else that you don’t want him to gnaw on. Use positive reinforcement to teach them to stop chewing on inappropriate items.

7. Stop Digging Holes

Some pets like to dig holes everywhere. If you have a lawn or a garden, this can be quite a problem! Take some time to train them to quit digging in one area by putting an obstacle in their way that they can’t or won’t jump or dig over like a low fence or cardboard box.

8. Meet People Without Barking

If your pet is an especially big barker, it’s time to teach him a new trick. No one wants to hear your pet barking nonstop when they come to visit. Make sure your dog understands how to be calm and quiet when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door. You can even have them sit in a quiet room away from all the activity and wait for you so that they can meet people at their own pace!

9. Stay Off Countertops and Furniture

This is one of the most frustrating things you can teach him! Some pets will always chew on things like countertops and electrical cords, which come with great risk like electrocution or fire hazards. Use positive reinforcement to teach them where it is okay to be so they don’t have to sneak onto a couch or search under a table for food.


As you can see, training your pet is a fun and rewarding way to build a deeper bond with them. It’s also a fun way to make sure they know more about you than just their name. That said, it is important to remember that training should be taken seriously and that the rewards should be there for your pet when they learn new things.