Stunning Diamond Alternatives for Your Engagement Ring.

The 20’s Are In (The Roaring 20’s, That Is)

We’re seeing a trend in jewelry and engagement rings that is unprecedented. Brides are ditching the overused diamond ensemble and opting instead for an opulent alternative: art deco rings. They say it started with Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson, but these regal and timeless designs have been worn on the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Lucille Ball. In fact, it was Liz Taylor who started the sapphire craze in the early 50s, upon her engagement to Michael Wilding. Her stunning, deep blue sapphire was flanked by diamonds and certainly captivated the hearts of movie goers. Even Lucille Ball opted for a breathtaking aquamarine that was picked out by Desi Arnaz.

Something Borrowed From Time

Some brides are hesitant to do away with the traditional diamond–after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. That’s why we’ve curated a mesmerizing collection of vintage, art deco rings featuring a variety of precious stones and metals with diamond accents. You’ll have the glimmer and effervescence of the diamond, coupled with the luscious color of a precious gemstone. Whether there’s a particular gemstone that’s captured your heart, or you’d like to stay true to your birthstone, we have options that are elegant and sure to outshine any plain, traditional engagement rings.

Top Brides’ Picks

We offer the service of our master jewelers to create a custom design with your bride’s unique style in mind. Of the wide variety of precious gems we offer, there are a few that are chosen above the rest. They are:

  • Alexandrite

A rare and eye catching gem that shifts from rich violet tones to deep, emerald ocean hues in both natural and artificial light.

  • London Blue Topaz

At Gemiani, we are proud to offer settings featuring London blue topaz, a stone that is a sought after commodity not often found in stores. This

glamorous, subdued blue color is perfect for bride with wanderlust at heart. A fantastic take on the sapphire ring of Old Hollywood.

  • White Topaz

White topaz has exploded onto the scene as an indistinguishable diamond alternative. This cost effective stone comes in brilliant princess and

round cuts, and is a wonderful option for brides with larger settings.

  • Mystic Topaz

There is something about mystic topaz that’s so mysterious, so inviting. The treasured stone shimmers with purples, greens, reds, and blues at

every facet. Of all the gems we Read the rest

Get Relief with Regenerative Medicine

With the advancement in technology and science, we have new innovations every day. There are new additions to various fields including the medical field. The improvements and innovations in the field of medicine have greatly helped save the lives of millions of people all over the world. Among the advancements, regenerative medicine is one that presently helps innumerable patients. It is not widely practiced around the world as it is fairly new compared to other treatment options. However, it has great potential to treat patients that are looking for options beyond traditional treatment methods. In fact, regenerative medicine gas great potentials that can be used for the future.

When we talk about regenerative medicine, we talk about it in general as it has different types of treatment. However, the most popular form of treatment is stem cell treatment that is used to repair and regenerate new cells in the body. When a person suffers from injuries, stem cell treatment proves to be highly useful and effective to help him get quick relief and cure. Another popular form of treatment offered is platelet rich plasma therapy. If you would like to know more about them, you can visit they will guide you about the same.

If your family doctor is not experienced at regenerative medicine, you should start looking for one that has. Owing to its growing popularity, there is a surge in the number of doctors and surgeons trying their hands at this medicine treatment form. So, when you start looking for them you would find several claimants of the same. However, as a patient, you should be overly cautious when picking up the right doctor. If you or your family member requires regenerative medicine treatment, you should not fall short anywhere. You must ensure that you are hiring the doctor that has the right knowledge, expertise and experience. You should ask your family doctor first if they are aware of any reliable professional that practices regenerative medicine. If he knows someone then your work will be done easily. If they have no idea about one, you can ask someone that visits one of them for their treatment. One of your friends, neighbors or relatives might help you out. Even if they fail to help you, perform a quick search on your local search engine where you can find several of them. … Read the rest

How To Find the Best Personal Injury Attorneys In Hawaii

Personal injury cases involve many different situations in which a person is physically injured or emotionally harmed by the inattentiveness or negligence of another party. These situations include the following:

  • When someone has sustained a bodily and/or psychological injury as a result of an apparently random but avoidable pedestrian accident, vehicle/motorcycle accident, or slip and fall accident (e.g. in the workplace, in a restaurant or hotel, a mall, retail store, etc.).
  • When someone has been physically affected by medical malpractice or neglect, or abuse and even violence in a nursing home
  • When someone has been harmed by a defective product or poor quality service

If you are a personal injury victim living in Hawaii, it pays to secure the best legal representation. Although finding the best personal injury attorneys in Hawaii may be a bit time-consuming, it’ll be worthwhile. You can start off by asking your family and friends in-person or on social media to recommend you a great personal injury attorney based on their personal experiences. Chances are that one of them will recommend Lowenthal & Lowenthal, a reputable family-owned law firm specialized in handling personal injury cases with the utmost dedication and treating all of their clients like family.

Alternatively, you can read online reviews written by other personal injury victims with respect to the services provided by different personal injury attorneys Hawaii-wide to help you make an informed decision. Next, you should contact the ones with the best reviews in order to schedule a free case evaluation, which is the first step towards recovering the compensatory damages. Filing for an attorney-assisted claim undeniably makes the difference between settling your case for a small amount and securing the best outcome possible.

With an experienced, top-rated, and trusted personal injury attorney providing the aggressive legal representation that you need for a successful outcome, you can rest assured that million-dollar insurance companies will not take advantage of you. Choosing a personal injury lawyer who is also known for their compassion, in addition to their expertise in litigating such cases, and who is willing to accept a contingency fee arrangement ( which means that you won’t pay anything out of pocket; essentially “no recovery, no fee”) significantly improves your chances of getting the amount of compensation that you deserve, either through out-of-court settlement or verdict.

If you’ve been injured due to another party’s negligence, you shouldn’t suffer in silence. Do yourself a … Read the rest

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Finding The Right Funeral Home For Your Loved One

When you lose your dear family member, you can either bury them or cremate them. These are the two popular ways to say goodbye to your loved ones. Culturally, there are some other ways too but they are not as popular as these two options. Burying the dead has been going on since the beginning of the human race in the world. Cremating the dead is also carried on by people of certain faiths. However, more people are cremating their dead now as they see it as an environmentally friendly option. If you would like to do the same, you can get cremation services in Calimesa CA.

If you would like to cremate your dead family member, you would have to find a funeral home that offers the service. There are many burial centers that also offer cremation services. You can ask them and plan out cremation services in Calimesa CA. When you plan to get your dead family member cremated, the dead body will be put in a container which will then be placed in a furnace that will burn the remains. The ash that is left behind will be collected in an urn and handed over to the family member. If you choose to bury your dead, you can do so after cremating them. There are some people that cremate their dead one first and then bury the ash remains in an urn. You can hold a regular funeral program with all arrangements and invite attendees for the event.

One of the main reasons why cremation services in Calimesa,CA are growing in popularity is that it is an environmentally friendly option. If you have always cared about giving back to the environment, cremating your dead is one of the ways you can do so. Burying your dead involves some practices that are harmful to the environment. When you are going for the cremation option, you would help protect the environment better. Cremation is no more associated with people of a certain faith but people from other faiths are embracing this funeral option too. If you would like to cremate your dead family member, you should look out for a reliable funeral service in Calimesa CA. When you hire the right company, they will make sure that you are able to get the best services that would make it easier to depart your loved one gone now. Contact a … Read the rest

What Is Private Equity?

Let’s say you’re at a cocktail party and an attractive person walks up to you, smiles sweetly and asks, “So what do you do for a living?”

Now let’s say that you reply: “I’m into private equity.”

The most likely result is that the attractive person will pull a drooping facial expression and discreetly edge slowly away from you as a protective measure to guard against the all-too-common problem of dying of boredom.

But wait a minute! Private equity (called PE for short) can actually be a very stimulating topic because it involves an excellent way to earn truckloads of cash.

Also, consider this: A lot of truly cool people are into PE. Take multiple Super Bowl-winning NFL quarterback Steve Young. He’s in the NFL Hall of Fame, but what is his full-time job today? That’s right. He’s a full-time PE investor.

Do you know who else is into PE big time? A-Listers like Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian, and Beyoncé. Who’s the dreary bore now!

Okay, so it’s cool. But what exactly is PE? Basically, it’s a large pool of money raised by highly intelligent people who are good with numbers and the intricacies of business and finance. This money is then used to invest in or buy a company they believe shows great promise for future growth. Once a PE firm buys or invests in a company, that acquisition is now in its portfolio.

By the way, a PE investor can be a private individual or a formal company. Where do they get their pool of money? PE operators raise their money from limited partners (LPs), sometimes called external financial institutions. This can be anything from banks and Wall Street firms to other types of investment firms. PE funds are also raised from angel investors and venture capitalists.

Note that some of the money raised for PE comes from the individuals who own the PE firm. That’s why people – like Steve Young and Beyoncé – tend to get involved in PE. They have a lot of money, and they need to do something with it. They can’t just park all their moolah in a savings account or let the government siphon it off in taxes. PE is a powerful vehicle for people who already have money to make more money.

It’s common for 1% to 5% of a PE fund to be footed by a single … Read the rest